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Buttermilk Pancakes


2 soft buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup.

Add Blueberries for $2

Rashers Benni


Rashers, poached eggs on English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce.

Irish Breakfast


Two Eggs, Two Bangers and a rasher. Served with mushrooms, grilled tomato, Heinz baked beans, chips and a choice of toast. Served all day, every day!

Steak and Eggs


Char-broiled Steak cooked to order with two fried eggs, served with hash browns and toast

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Corned Beef Hash and Eggs


Homemade Corned Beef Hash topped with poached eggs, served with toast

Morrissey’s Fish and Chips


Pacific Cod fried in a light batter until Golden Brown. Served with pub chips, tartar and a lemon

Biscuit Egg and cheese Sandwich


Homemade Buttermilk biscuit with a fried egg, American cheese and Apple wood bacon. Served with Hash Browns.



2 eggs your way, meat choice, and  toast.

Biscuit Chicken sandwich


Fried chicken on a Buttermilk biscuit with mayo, lettuce and spicy honey. Served with hash browns, pub chips or tots.

Paulie’s Breakfast


2 eggs of choice, bacon, chips and Heinz baked beans

Steak Skillet


Hash browns topped with grilled steak*, pepper jack cheese, onions, peppers, 2 eggs to order and toast of choice.

Banana Whiskey Fosters Toast


Cinnamon bread dipped in a vanilla egg batter, topped with a whiskey banana raisin caramel sauce.

Boxty Cake Steak Bite Salad


Mixed greens, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, grilled red onion, grilled mushrooms, boxty cakes and steak. Topped with your choice of poached or over easy eggs.

Smoked Salmon and Quinoa Salad


Mixed greens and quinoa topped with capers, fresh tomatoes , green olives, red onion and smoked salmon. With your choice of poached or over easy eggs!

Biscuits and Gravy


A rich housemade sausage gravy served over a fluffy biscuit and two eggs of your choice.

Cupcake Quiche


Eggs, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, and onions baked inside a fillo dough. Each serving comes with two quiches and a side salad with your choice of dressing!

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